Palais 12 and the Coronavirus

Dear visitors, 

Due to the developments in the spread of the covid-19 virus, no event or concert is currently taking place at Palais 12 until further notice. but as soon as it is possible, we’ll be ready to welcome you back! 

To stay informed of postponed or canceled events and/or concerts, we invite you to daily check the agenda section on our website. 

It is important for us to ensure the safety and health of our visitors, which is why we carefully follow the recommendations of the competent federal authorities on a daily basis.

We invite you to follow the instructions below:
For frequently asked questions about the Covid-19 virus, please visit the website of the Federal Public Health Service!

Is my concert maintained?

The next events and concerts scheduled till 19 April 2020 are not maintained. Palais 12 is currently in a phase of reorganization in collaboration with the various organizers to propose solutions as soon as possible.

In order to stay informed about postponements or cancellations, please consult our daily calendar section on our website as well as the various communications broadcast on our social networks. 

Will my concert be refunded?

If the concert is cancelled or postponed, please contact the sales channel used when you purchased your ticket or the concert promoter to find out the conditions for refund.

What can I do myself to protect myself and avoid contamination?

1. Make sure to wash your hands regularly and thoroughly (40 to 60 seconds) with soap and water. You can see how to wash your hands on this site.
2. Do you need to cough? Do it in a tissue or on the inside of your elbow.
3. Use tissues when sneezing or sniffing and dispose of them in a lockable garbage can.
4. Avoid shaking hands and kissing. Avoid tactile contact with others.
5. Make sure you stay home when you are ill. Do not go to work!
6. Avoid close contact with sick people yourself.
7. Try to be careful not to touch your face with your hands as much as possible.

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How do I buy tickets?

You can buy tickets online, via telephone, through the venue box office and through any of our authorized ticket sellers.

Are there any limits on purchases?

For each event there is a limit on the number of tickets each person can purchase to ensure that as many people as possible have access to tickets. Once you have selected your number of tickets these are then removed from the overall ticket inventory and placed in your basket. As a result there is a time limit within which you must purchase your tickets. If you do not purchase the tickets placed in your basket within this time limit, the tickets are then returned to the overall ticket inventory for other customers to purchase.

When will I receive my tickets?

Tickets will be sent after payment. If you have not received your tickets by this time please contact your point of purchase.

Can I change my tickets if better ones become available?

Unfortunately once a booking has been made we cannot exchange or cancel the ticket unless the event is cancelled or postponed or the event information has significantly changed.

I haven’t received my confirmation email.

If you don’t receive your confirmation immediately email after purchase, please allow up to 24 hours for it to reach you and please check it has not been directed to your junk mail folder. If you still haven’t received your confirmation email, or have lost it, please contact your point of purchase directly.

I haven’t received my tickets.

If you don’t received your tickets please contact your point of purchase directly.

I think my tickets may be lost or stolen.

If you believe your tickets have been lost, damaged, or stolen, please contact your point of purchase immediately. Please quote your Booking Reference Number to speed up the process

How can I change my details after I have ordered my tickets .

Unfortunately there may not be an option to change your delivery address after purchasing your tickets, please ensure you correctly enter your delivery details when booking tickets. Your point of purchase will be able to advise you whether a change of address is possible.

Show Information

What happens if my event is cancelled or postponed?

Please call the ticketing agent for the cancelled or postponed event to receive a refund or exchange for that event. Check your confirmation email for the name of the ticketing company through which your tickets were purchased.

What time do doors open for each event?

For each event the doors will be open 2 hours before the representation.

Can I bring my camera / take pictures?

Filming or taking pictures is not allowed.

Can I meet an artist?

Only the artist’s record company, artist’s management, or artist’s fan club may grant backstage access. Palais12 does not handle artist access. Occasionally VIP packages may include a Meet and Greet, please check individual event listings on our website for further details of available packages.

Can I leave and re-enter the event site as I like?

Unfortunately there is no re-entry once leaving the site, so please remember to bring everything that you need with you!

What facilities will there be on the event site?

There will be the necessities including toilets, food & beverage stands and a First Aid area.

What should I bring/not bring?

No food nor drinks are permitted to be brought into any of the events. Click on « Code of Conduct » for more information.

Are there smoking rooms?

There is no smoking area.

Can I bring my pet?

Pets are not allowed.

Can I find an ATM at the P12 ?

Unfortunately, there is no ATM in the room, but you can pay by card in self-service and bars . You will find a cash machine at 5 minutes walk from the p12, on the Boulaverd de l'imépatrice Charlotte, in front of the Heysel metro station.

Are there a cloakroom or lockers ?

Yes , there is a cloakroom at the south entrance of the room. The lockers are on the ground floor , next to the self service.


The P12 has a Wi-Fi access for all our guests.

Lost objects

If you have lost something , contact our office by email at [email protected], with a specific description of your object.

Can I take my backpack?

All backpacks are forbidden.


12 Tips

  1. Buy your tickets in advance. If you have problems to get them, contact ticket seller. Please note that you will get a better place if you buy your ticket in advance .
  2. Make your party a memorable one : Check if a VIP package is available for the event you have chosen .
  3. Submit your friends and family to share this unforgettable moment with you.
  4. Don't forget you ticket the day of the event.
  5. Arrive early ! This will allow you to get a good parking spot and avoid queuing .
  6. When you arrive , go to the gate indicated on your ticket , to avoid long waits .
  7. Eat, drink and have fun! Our self service & bars offers food & beverage.
  8. Plan your return home safely. Taxis are in high demand on performance nights ..
  9. Be responsible . Hydrate yourself and watch your belongings.
  10. Do not take any prohibited items (including pocket knives and illicit substances). It may be that there is a check inside your bag.Once inside the facility, please note that any output is final.
  11. Our staff , which adopts a positive attitude and makes it a point to find a solution to each problem will be happy to help you. Just ask. If you have special needs or mobility problems , please contact us first so we can make the necessary arrangements . Do not hesitate to contact our staff with any questions , concerns or requests for assistance.
  12. Do not forget to visit our shop after the show and get a souvenir of an unforgettable evening ..