26 October 2021

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We already knew Woodkid as a bridge between the old and the new world. Not only because the young 30-something Frenchman has already collaborated with some of pop culture’s shining lights-from Lana Del Rey to Drake, Rihanna and Pharrell. But also because he’s one of the rare artists to consider the transversality of all disciplines that fascinate him, not pushing himself to decide between them but embracing his all-encompassing curiosity.

It took just one album, The Golden Age, for him to make his musical and visual mark, securing success with public and critics alike.

Woodkid released the first track “Goliath”, from his next album, announced for 2020, accompagnied by a gigantic clip echoing the myth of David against Goliath before presenting “Pale Yellow”.

It is on stage that his universe comes into full play, punctuated by his epic hymns, Woodkid is in line with the greatest.

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