14 October 2022

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Multi-repeat music offender, the French rap master with a sharp pen, second and tenth level expert, is back!


In 2018 his second album "XEU" received a unanimous reception from his fans but also from the profession. A year later the time came for “Ce monde est cruel”, a Gold-certified record barely two weeks after its release, accompanied by a sold-out Accor Arena in November 2019. A consecration slowed down in full swing in its live dynamic by a damn disenchanted parenthesis, but never mind, Vald refocused on the more sedentary activity of producer (through the label Echelon), a collaboration on the album "Vertical Horizon" shared with Heuss l'Enfoiré and featurings with GIMS, Naps, Koba LaD, Sadek, 7 Jaws and Kore.


The rapper returned in June with the single “Footballeur”, a clip still faithful to his unique and quirky humor, but in a different musical register that leaves everything to be imagined for the future.

The following ? A fourth album and a return to live, both eagerly awaited!

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