19 December 2020

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Awainting the "ALOHA" tour report in May 2021, Typh Barrow comes to Palais 12 for a special representation as part of the "Mini-Covid-Tour". 

This show will take place in a formal respect of the security measures of the National Council of security. The perfect occasion to live a unique and safe experience. 

1. THE APERO-DINNER PACKAGE - 55 € per person

This package includes :

  • A ticket at a table for 2 or 4, to enjoy the night with your bubble ;
  • An aperitive glass ;
  • A singer with his piano for the opening of the night ;
  • The Typh Barrow concert ;
  • Appetizers are available in supply (preorder only) ;
  • Wearing a mask is only required when moving, according to the horeca rules.

2. THE BALCONY PACKAGE - 45 € per person

This package includes : 

  • A place on the balcony. There will be empty seats between two bubbles of participants ;
  • The Typh Barrow concert ;
  • Wearing a mask is required during the whole event. 

Depuis la sortie de son album RAW arrivé n°1 des ventes et unanimement salué par la critique, Typh Barrow ne cesse de faire parler d’elle et s’impose comme une artiste incontournable. Artiste complète (auteur-compositeur, musicienne et interprète exceptionnelle), l’interprète de Taboo est assurément l’une des plus belles voix de la scène belge.

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