M. Pokora Epicentre Tour


20 October 2023

Presented by:

Persons With Disabilities

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Matt Pokora is going on tour again in 2023 for a spectacular show to celebrate his 20-year career and his countless hits. Techno-futuristic scenography, hallucinating special effects, non-stop performance: each of his tours is a must-see.

After Pyramid, a peplum-like show that explores the creative impulse and the surpassing of physical limits, Matt Pokora returns with an even more incredible show, stirring up powerful emotions. Drawing on his personal journey (the couple, fatherhood, friendship, etc.), the artist finally returns to the essence of the human being and to what links him to his alter egos.

Matt Pokora is the French artist renowned for his ultra-technical stage performances, guaranteeing a spectacular show for his fans. Surrounded by his dancers and musicians, Matt Pokora brings an almost magnetic energy to the stage and adds a new and exciting dimension to his character. With the Epicentre Tour stage, Matt Pokora will get energy from the heart of the audience.

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