Partners & Official Suppliers

We are proud to work with a wide range of partners. They’ve helped us become a well-known and popular music and entertainment venue in Belgium.

P12 works with partners to develop bespoke packages that are tailor made for each company, helping to achieve your unique objectives whether they are for hospitality and events, raising your brand profile or for behind the scenes VIP access to amazing shows.

Getting exposure at the venue or associating your brand, product, or service with P12 is acquiring the certainty of effective exposure and a multitude of potential contacts.

P12 is a venue of choice that is capable of further expanding the prestige of its customers.



ING Belgium SA/NV is a full subsidiary of ING Group N.V. through ING Bank N.V. (

ING is a global financial institution of Dutch origin. The ING Group headquarters are situated in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

ING Group supplies products and services in the areas of banking, investment, life insurance and retirement services to 47 million customers in over 40 countries in Europe, North and Latin America, Asia and Australia.

A well thought-out sponsorship policy

ING pursues a well thought-out sponsorship policy, both nationally and internationally, for its traditional sponsorship activities as well as its corporate social responsibility practices.

Traditional sponsorship

ING Belgium's sponsorship policy is based on four strategic pillars:

  • Sport: mostly football
  • Music: mostly festivals for the wider public
  • Culture: mostly art (visual arts)
  • Business: projects related to the financial services industry

ING Belgium has partnerships with major players in all four of these sectors. These partnerships provide valuable interactions which allow us to strengthen our image and – literally – bring us closer to our customers. At the same time, our partners receive financial and material support to further develop their projects.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The fifth strategic pillar of our sponsorship policy is sustainable business practice. ING supports social projects that provide an answer to social problems. Here, too, we cooperate closely with our partners on the basis of integrity.


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Lotto: It’s possible!

Pepsi Max


It is from a wide range of drinks and food products that we find the famous Pepsi brand in the brand portfolio of PepsiCo.

In 1964, Pepsi Cola introduced the first light cola on the market.

Pepsi Max is the star of Pepsi with a 'Maximum Taste No Sugar' and was introduced on the Belgian market in 1995.

The brand "Pepsi Max" is synonymous of fun and refreshment! Its mission is very clear: to provide maximum fun to its consumers in making they live a unique experience. Pepsi Max uses the music as an integral part!

Through its many partnerships with festival and other event music related, Pepsi Max puts all its know-how to the benefit of the Palais12’s spectators with a mission to make their evenings rich in emotions and twists!

For Pepsi Max, it is the definition to be an official partner of the Palace 12!




Maes. Make more out of life.

Maes Pils is thé partner in crime for all the great and memorable moments in Palais12.

Maes is a beer with character. A beer with a great name and reputation. A beer that has won a Golden award at the European beer star awards. And a beer with passion for music. With its refined bitterness and full taste, Maes is the perfect drink before, during and after all the concerts in Palais 12. Have you been dancing and singing too much? Maes is waiting for you at the bar. Cheers!



Spa is proud to be a Palais 12 partner. With the variety of activities and shows organised at Palais 12, Spa is in its element! Spa is a belgian brand first and foremost - a quality brand from home. 
Water is the fuel of life. This is why Spa does its utmost to keep our mineral water pure. The natural purity of Spa mineral water is a result of centuries of careful and strict conservation. 

Feeling hot? Drink spa, refreshment guaranteed and celebrate life. Spa. To life!




Laurent Perrier